Patient Reviews

It was around 1985 that I first came to you with my teeth in very bad shape due to poor hygiene practices and a complete fear of dentists that started early in my childhood. Since that first fateful visit, I became a regular and thanks to you and your professional staff my teeth and gums just got better and better. After I had reached a degree of stabilization and because the entire experience had been so positive, I followed your plan to have orthodontics and jaw surgery as well.

Many wonderful things have happened to me since that time and we have been really blessed. But I always think back to that time and to what a tremendous boost it was to gain confidence in my smile and to b able to use it as a way to communicate. It can never be underestimated as to what a smile can mean in life. You are in a profession that can have amazing implications for your clients.

Paul, I truly owe you a long overdue thank you for helping me with this entire process Your staff was always so friendly and encouraging during this time. I know I never would have followed through it had not been for the genuine kindness and excellent care. Thank you for the magic gift of a smile!

- L.H., Jacksonville, Fl

You changed my life by fixing my front tooth!

-K.L., Winter Park, FL

I have just returned home from an office visit and feel compelled to share with you some feelings. As a young boy growing up on Long Island I was deathly afraid of going to the dentist. My parents were not wealthy people and our chances to go to the dentist were quite rare. I think that is where my bout with poor dental hygiene began. Having the curse of the “sweet tooth” coupled with not having regular visits to the dentist put me on a collision course with the mouth full of fillings and bridges I now have to endure.

I have been a patient of yours for the past 19 years. I am truly grateful for the time and attention you have given me on my visit to your office. You are so soft handed when working on my mouth and I actually look forward to visits now because I know that the experience there will not be one of nightmarish proportions but one that will help me to leave the office knowing that my teeth have been cared for again in a very gentle way.

I must also share with you that your staff has ALWAYS been so sweet and so "soft-handed". Bette has never made me feel anxious or uncomfortable in the chair. Whenever I have had my teeth cleaned, Sherry ALWAYS is very gentle but very efficient. Jane is Jane!!! She is the ROCK of the office. She greets us with a smile and we exit, smiling, knowing that she has done her best to file insurance forms or fit us in to an appointment that we thought might be impossible to schedule. All three of these ladies are a tremendous asset to your office, Paul. I am truly blessed to have found such a great dentist and staff to work on my teeth. May your days at the office be as blessed as mine have been for so many years.

- D.B., Winter Park

I am so pleased with the appliance you made me to help me stop snoring! After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I first used the CPap machine. However, I quit using it due to the expense and high maintenance. With your appliance my snoring has stopped. My husband is thrilled and I no longer fall asleep during the day at stop lights, etc. I'm so glad I learned about the Silent Nite- it does the job and is so easy to use!